If God Exists, Why is There So Much Suffering and Evil in the World?

by Samuel Brooks

One common question that I’ve heard among individuals who either “don’t believe in God” or left the Christian faith due to a situation they had experienced will often ask “If God exists, why is there so much evil in the world?”

There’s a very simple answer to this question: In Genesis 1:27-28, the passage says “So God created human beings in his image. In the image of God he created them; male and female. Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.” Genesis 3 talks about how Adam and Eve gave into sin. So, according to Scripture, God gave us 1) the authority to rule the earth and 2) free will. You might then say that “God could’ve destroyed Satan then.” While that’s true to an extent as it’ll happen when Christ returns, it wasn’t entirely possible then because God would’ve gone back on His promise (that we’d “reign and govern the earth”) and that’s just not in His nature to do so! It’s not that He likes sin, evil, etc because He doesn’t. Since Adam and Eve sinned, even though they were created in the image of God, that image became distorted.

You might also say that “God predestined that they’d eat from the forbidden tree.” Where in Scripture does it say that? It says in Scripture that God had said that they could eat from wherever they wanted EXCEPT the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Instead, they gave into temptation and chose to eat from it. I’m not disregarding that God doesn’t know everything that’ll happen; but why would He give us free will when He could’ve made robots instead?

To summarize, the reason as to why we have so much evil and problems in the world is because God gave us the authority to rule over the earth and we have free will. Granted, there’s more to it than just these two reasons but it provides the foundation. I’d like to encourage you to watch the video below as it goes into further detail than what I’ve already provided.

Here’s a video that further explains the given issue!

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