Christianity in Modern-Day Ireland

by Samuel Brooks

What’s the history of Christianity in Ireland? What’s the percentage of Christians in Modern-Day Ireland? We’re going to try to answer these questions in this post!

Prior to Palladius (AD 431) and St. Patrick (461/462?) introducing Catholicism to Ireland, the nation was polytheistic [Britannica]. The Protestant Reformation began in Ireland during 1536-1558.

So why does this matter to me? My ancestors, as well as some associates of mine, are from Ireland; my paternal grandmother’s maiden name was ‘Gill’. With that said, prior to becoming a Christian, I believed wholeheartedly in Èirinn go Brách (translated: Ireland forever) as I believe that the Irish should handle their own business. While I still believe in total independence for Ireland from Great Britain, if violence was the answer, it would’ve worked a long time ago. In all honesty, the Gospel is the only solution for unification!

Now, going back to Christianity in Ireland, “the largest religion is Christianity, particularly Roman Catholics, which account for more than 84% of the population in the Republic of Ireland, 4% as non-religious in the Republic of Ireland compared to 14% in Northern Ireland, and a small population listed as Muslim and Jewish”; these statistics is based on a national population of 4.94 million [World Population Review]. Protestants account for approximately 42% [The Irish News]. The Protestant denominations in Ireland include Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican, Apostolic or Pentecostal, Eastern Orthodox, Baptist and Lutheran. 

Want to help spread the Gospel in Ireland? I would like to encourage you to support Joe and Fanny Cooney who are missionaries serving in Ireland by clicking here.

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