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Samuel “Sam” Brooks earned his certification as a Sales Specialist from Lansing Community College in 2013 and earned his bachelors degree in Marketing from Cornerstone University in December 2018 where he also served as a project leader for their Enactus chapter. His research interests include the Oneness vs. Trinity debate, apologetics, Biblical hermeneutics, Christian eschatology, Wesleyan and Apostolic theology, history, politics, marketing and advertising, business, psychology, and martial arts. He also supports a variety of causes including, but not limited to, veteran services, the pro-life movement, anti-drug causes, Autism/Asperger’s advocacy, anti-trafficking movement, cancer research, martial arts character development programs, and entrepreneurship education for children.

Prior to opening Crazy Christian, Brooks’s experience includes over 10 years working in the music industry where he also owned an independent record label that geared its services towards unsigned Michigan-based musicians for 7 years. He also has over 7 years of experience in the martial arts industry.

“When I started working on the concept for Crazy Christian, I felt this burden to start a new business venture that produced custom shirts for churches and other Christian organizations; I had also wanted to change my schedule so I could spend more time with friends and family since the previous companies that I’ve owned and worked for didn’t meet that criteria, as well as, focus on renewing my relationship with Christ. Today, Crazy Christian has become much more than a custom apparel company; it’s become our ministry!”

In his spare time, Brooks enjoys spending time with friends and family, going to concerts and the movies, recreational shooting, hiking, canoeing, traveling, listening to lectures on evangelism and business, golf, bowling, pool billiards, reading, watching University of Michigan football and basketball, UFC, boxing, kickboxing, Detroit Tigers baseball and Netflix. He’s also an active member of his church, as well as, participates in his brother’s weekly home fellowship group.

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