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Is The ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ Idolatrous?

by Samuel Brooks

Is the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ idolatrous? I’m going to attempt to answer that question in this post. Continue reading “Is The ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ Idolatrous?”

Christianity, Politics

Pro-Life Apologetics

by Samuel Brooks; cover photo credit: Zach Lucero

The goal of this post is to provide support for the pro-life argument through biblical, moral and scientific evidence. This post is targeted towards both Christians and non-Christians who support the pro-abortion stance. 

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The Signs of the Endtimes Explained

by Samuel Brooks

The Book of Revelations is one of the books in the Bible that can be complex and difficult to understand. So we’re going to take the time to break down the signs and events in order for us to better understand what’s being said even though the Book of Revelations is much more than just on the endtimes. So, why wasn’t the prophecy fulfilled when Nero, Hitler, Stalin, etc. were in power?

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Why It’s Not Possible To Be A Loyal Democrat and A Christian

by Samuel Brooks

I was reading through news articles online a few weeks ago and came across an article on The Blaze titledWake Up, Christians. There Is No Place For You In the Democrat Partyby conservative blogger, Matt Walsh. As I’m reading this article, Walsh is making strong and interesting points about how being a loyal democrat and a Christian doesn’t mix well. I will list a couple from the article and add my thoughts on the key issues; including a couple not found in the article. I could list and discuss more but, for the sake of time, will cover these few: Continue reading “Why It’s Not Possible To Be A Loyal Democrat and A Christian”